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The timeline of CNN's "reality tv" hoax from Sep11th and its impact.
By Nico Haupt, New York City, March 8, 2006

How some black blurbs and orwell speak on 'televison', deceived a whole nation into the biggest "threataganda" and lies since 1945.
(A to be updated review of deceptive and manipulative language and 'images' on CNN).

See above: Was it a commercial aircraft or cgi-upload?
The answer is clear.
Much harder to answer, if sheeple, anti-war phonies and (left-)gatekeepers want to continue the cover-up of "Reality TV 9/11"?
Answer (A.N.S.W.E.R.): Apparently yes.

They also do not care about the next, most important pending world war between U.S., China and Russia.
They will just blame it on the alleged opposition parties or other absurde "conspiracy theories".
They will blame their lack of knowledge of electronic and digital know-how. They will present you the next false-hope campaign.
Take a pick of your choice.

(see also
Proof That Blue Screen Technology Was Used to Fake the 2nd Plane -by Jimmy Walter
We Have Some Holes in the Plane Stories -by Morgan Reynolds

Pt.1: The CNN Image fakery- The 'real' timeline from Sep11th

(Timeline Update 03/08/05 Pt.1 Focus on CNN 'live' footage September 11- 8:45 AM -10:45 AM EST
(plus additional audio sources, i.e. FOX -to be revised)

(NOTE: FOX split screen timeline ignored so far... to be updated and revised)

(Screenshot/BTS-ACARS database: Flight 11 did not exist or depart!)

07:50 CT/8:50 ET Sean Murtagh, 'CNN witness' from window, claims it was a "jet, looked like a 2 engine yet...a large commercial jet...i'm on the 22nd floor..."
(However Murtagh is not a real reporter.
He was CNN's vice-president of finance. His office was on 33rd street.
Was he (in conflicting versions), on the roof or did he catch everything out of his window?
"...i'm viewing south...wingtips tilted back and forth..."

07:53 CT/8:53 ET Monitor shows burning North Tower, occasionally zooms onto the empty impact hole

07:54 CT/8:54 ET Interview with witness, who reported about windows coming out of tower, "didn't see any plane". (First attack was officially at 8:48 AM)

07:54 CT/8:54 ET Telephone interview with Lisa, who heard a "sonic boom", but didn't see any plane from her window:
"I had no idea it was a plane, i turned on the tv, when i heard it was plane, which was strange"

08:00 CT/9:00 ET Witness Jeanne Yurman

08:02 CT/9:02 ET Winston Mitchell, WABC Interview, Live on the phone

08:03 CT/9:03 ET Then visibly on the monitor from the right a black flying object, vanishing behind one tower, then followed by an explosion. Reporter Mitchell, after a short delay: "...The Building is exploding right now (Mitchell doesn't mention that he saw any plane...) "everyone is panicking..." Mitchell is suddenly cut off by host, because he wants to 'hear other voices'.

08:06 CT/9:06 ET Producer of CNN decides to show again a replay from "Courtesy ABC"

08:07 CT/9:07 ET Another replay of the WABC Video on CNN ("Earlier")

08:08 CT/9:08 ET CNN switches to footage of WNBC (Courtesy WNYV) Street reporter "Arlie" says "it's possible that this was a missile attack". Then he gets corrected from TV Host, that "we have a witness who said it was a plane and as we watching the monitor we SAW a plane crashing to the other tower..." "...there it is.. (commenting on the NBC clip, object barely to recognize)

08:10 CT/9:10 ET ('moments ago', replay WNBC)

08:12 CT/9:12 ET Replay of older tape, but apparently with the 'wrong timecode' beginning: TV audience is presented with explosion/fireball at south tower only. Tape is stopped.

08:12 CT/9:12 ET Another replay of the NBC version "moments ago" (Reporter mentions a chopper, "is that ours?"

08:15 CT/9:15 ET Replay NBC version "moments ago", clip is now 'halting' the object twice and then zooms into the frozen object

08:17 CT/9:17 ET Replay NBC version "moments ago", clip is again 'halting' the object twice and then zooms into the frozen object

08:19 CT/9:19 ET Replay NBC version "moments ago", now with a special effect, bright round spot on black filtered background, halting the footage.

08:21 CT/9:21 ET Unidentified source on ? channel "it was a smaller plane, because it made some circles... ...cargo plane...didn't see any windows...

08:22 CT/9:22 ET Replay WABC video 2nd hit with earlier emotional response of Mitchell: "...The Building is exploding right now..."

08:30 CT/9:30 ET Bush speech on CNN monior via split screen, 2nd monitor: Burning Towers
The background, still LIVE, has no BLUE color camera filter anymore, which was used before almost constantly.

08:32 CT/9:32 ET After end of speech, back to Burning Tower, hole is shown from different perspective. No debris from any commercial aircraft visible.

08:34 CT/9:34 ET Another reference on TV: "...Osama Bin laden likes Airplanes..."

08:36 CT/9:36 ET Aaron Brown reports and seems to comment to same W-ABC clip/same camera, but from a wider zoom and distance.

08:38 CT/9:38 ET Reports from investigation in Boston, followed by replay of bush speech

08:41 CT/9:41 ET Senator Kennedy (D) in a speech is talking about a "terrorist attack" (early complicity of "democrats" of 9/11 cover-up)

08:42 CT/9:42 ET First Reports (Chris Plante) from Pentagon incident with a 'helicopter'. White House evacuated. (Live Camera from WTC now constantly with white sky)

08:44 CT/9:44 ET First Footage with smoke from Pentagon in background. Reports from "fire at white house". Another capture: White House evacuated.

08:44 CT/9:44 ET Insert: "Fire at Washington Mall", followed by "Fire Forces Pentagon Evacuation". Report: "it appears to be a US Military Helicopter behind the building... where the landing zone is... then the helicopter disappeared behind the building and then there was an explosion..." (compare also with UK Satellite TV Footage timeline at http://www.team8plus.org/forum_viewtopic.php?6.1978
UA vs. AA -the 9/11 Timeline 'screw-up' )

08:53 CT/9:53 ET Split Screen at CNN, Air Force 1 (Boeing ?), WTC other window... Update that a plane crashed into the pentagon (Capture: 'CNN learns plane hit pentagon'). So far no close up footage from Pentagon.

08:54 CT/9:54 ET Replay "Aaron 9:36 ET"

08:58 CT/9:58 ET Jamie McIntyre asked if he can confirm that "a helicopter has crashed into the Pentagon?". First close up footage from Pentagon, fire visible, building not collapsed yet. Pentalawn hard to recognize, blocked by huge graphic insert. Camera does not show the lawn.

08:59 CT/9:59 ET Update from NY: South Tower Collapse, followed by Voice Frank Tesno, reporting from "an explosion, then the building collapsed".

9:00 CT/10:00 ET Reports continue from New York, Capture "Third Explosion shatters World Trade Center in New York"

9:03 CT/10:03 ET Slow Motion "Moments ago" from Collapse

9:06 CT/10:06 ET Courtesy Footage (WCBS) from Pentagon
Breaking News Capture: People jumping from World Trade Center
Capture Change: "Third Explosion collapses World Trade Center in New York"
Voice of John King from White House about Evacuation
Split Screen Courtesy WUSA (Tower after collapse -LIVE, Pentagon fire, some green fire trucks visible-LIVE)

9:10 CT/10:10 ET Capture: FAA halts all flights nationwide. Sources: 1. Plane was an American Airlines from Boston CNN learns that Plane hit Pentagon.
(NOTE: CNN still didn't show their so called "exclusive clip" from an unknown amateur camera team yet. (See my manipulated remake at http://911closeup.com/nico/bizarro3.htm )

9:15 CT/10:15 ET Replay footage 2nd hit distance "Aaron 9:36 ET" Capture "Explosion on Capitol Hill", Reporter repeatedly says, that they 'saw a second plane on the television'. Kate Snow reports from an explosion at Capitol Hill. "..I'm on Pennsylvannia Avenue..."

9:18 CT/10:18 ET Replay footage 2nd hit distance "Aaron 9:36 ET" Replay collapse. "Counter Intelligence reports" say that a commercial aircraft hit the Pentagon.
Palestine Front declares responsibility for attack on america.

(9:27 CT)/10:27 ET New Camera spot from Pentagon

(9:30 CT)/10:30 ET Live NYC: Both Towers collapsed, now replays from 'earlier'

(9:34 CT)/10:34 ET Report: Car bomb has exploded at the State Department

(9:38 CT)/10:38 ET New split screen NYC LIVE, Pentagon (no debris on lawn, part of pentagon collapses, LIVE) -COURTESY WUSA

(9:41 CT)/10:41 ET Reports about a "forth explosion" before the second collapse Capture: "Breaking News:
Pentagon monitoring second suspected hijacked plane"

(9:50 CT)/10:50 ET Reports from plane crash 'this morning' 58 miles north from Pittsburgh

(9:52 CT)/10:52 ET Replay "Aaron 9:36 ET"


(footage obtained by "McDowell", bought on ebay, 2004)

Pt.2: ABC -Don Dahler and his Missile
If you don't believe or recall, that CNN didn't show you a "plane" in the first place, then what about ABC, who presented us a missile for the 'first hit', and an internal explosion only for the 'second hit'?

Don Dahler (W-ABC):


"...On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, he was one of the first network correspondents to go on the air with a report of the attack from the scene. He reported live for GMA via cellphone from his apartment building, just four blocks away from what came to be known as Ground Zero..."
(NOTE: His apartment was north of GZ, see other video sources)

Don Dahler describes apparently the FIRST HIT:

"...ABC's Don Dahler was getting ready to go to work when he heard what he said sounded like "a missile shriek and roar and then about three second later there was an explosion."
His loft is four blocks away from the site, which allowed Dahler to report from a third-floor fire escape live throughout the morning on Good Morning America..."


Don Dahler:
...And at about 10--I would say 10 minutes ago, 15 minutes ago, there was a loud sound that I can only describe it--it sounded like a missile, not an airplane. Then there was a loud explosion and immediately lots of screaming out on the streets. And I don't want to cause any speculation, but that's the only way I could describe the sound. And it was definitely not the sound of a prop plane or anything like that...

VIDEO at http://www.terrorize.dk/911/witnesses/911.wtc.1.hit.don.dahler.witness.wmv

SECOND HIT video comment of Dahler at Rosalee Grable's site:

Don Dahler:
..oh my god...
my god...my..
That looks like a second plane

(Screenshot: ...But "Flight 175" was still missing, even late in afternoon...)

...i didn't see any plane going in...that...that's just exploded...i...
We just saw another plane coming in from the side.
You did?? I...that was ..was...out of my view...
That was a second explosion.
You can see the plane come in just from the right hand side of the screen... (=> Dahler's witness report 'overruled' by a TV monitor)

Pt.3: Crash course on TV bluescreen technology

For Saboteurs among the readers:
Stop the "holography" distraction and confusion-
We're talking about bluescreen-CGI uploads!


"...A CG camera can move in any direction at any speed and go anywhere in a scene, but a real camera has limitations...
...explains Roger Guyett, visual effects supervisor on "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban."

"People watch so many films, and television is so much of a part of our consciousness that we are aware of what's possible," he says. "If you step outside that realm you have to be careful about how you use those tools..."


Visual Effects Headquarters

"...Today, when background plates are shot that will eventually contain CG imagery, dozens of detailed notes are taken. This means records of the practical lighting setup, exact measurements of the camera in relation to the principles, lenses, camera movements, etc. The accuracy of the CG image looking like it truly belongs into the scene depends on the match-moving. The more data given to the match-mover (the virtual cameraman) and the CG lighting crew, the more real the scene appears..."

Best VR/FX cgi's on the 'screens' since 1993, also building up as a psyOP and subconscious prepardness for "9/11", examples:

Jurrassic Park (1993)
Forrest Gump (1994)
Apollo 13 (1995)
Independence Day (1996)
MIB (1997)
Firestorm (1998)
eXistenZ (1999)
Mind Warp (2000)
"9/11" (2001) -compared with these other projects, more than a lousy job!

CGI on TV and movies:

Prior to the CGI revolution, bluescreen was a complex, time consuming process called travelling matte.
The background footage was shot first and the actor or model was filmed against a bluescreen carrying out their actions. This has changed since "CGI"!

2D CGI was first used in movies in 1973's Westworld, though the first use of 3D imagery was in its sequel, Futureworld (1976).

3D rendering was already used in "The Andromeda Strain" (1971) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_CGI_in_film_and_television

While Bluescreen/CGI technology is already very complex and advanced in the movie industry, for TV you can also generally distinguish between:

-3-D Character modeling and animation
(not used for sep11th)

-3-D camera tracking

Rotoscoping is the process of outlining and "lifting" elements of a filmed scene off the frame so that other elements can be added to the frame either in front of or behind the rotoscoped elements.
(obviously partly used for Sep11th)

Painting involves the creation of imaginary scenery. It also involves what was once called "airbrushing" -- the process of adding or removing things from a scene (obviously used for Sep11th, for the less professional clips including the VERY FIRST W-ABC/CNN clip from the 'second hit' (commercial aircraft upload "premiere")

-2-D Compositing
Compositing is the act of adding all of the different elements to a final scene. Usually you will see that many scenes have a dozen or more layers that are all added to create the final scene.
(obviously used for Sep11th, but only for the most professional clip of the "unknown CNN Amateur Camerateam" (yet to be identified), shown not in the 1st or 2nd hour after the attack(s), but in an exclusive afternoon play.
But since then also never shown again, because this clip also included some flaws:

1) The black flying element is clearly rotating at the beginning
2) You see white render box spots, obviously an upload mistake
3) Object jumps in between, though not the whole landscape jumps, which therefore couldn't have been from the tripod

4) In full speed observation, the object "butters" against all physical laws into the building, but a frame analysis reveals that the object wasn't rendered into the building at all, but 'vanished' some frames before.
(=THIS JOB was later perfectionalized by an animation of Scott Myers, NIST.
His clip wasn't shown at all on Sep11th, as far as i'm aware. It is the famous close-up clip, buttering from the side front into the Towers, which later would inspire Phil Jayhan/letsroll911 for the most distractive and secondary detail of this cartoon:
The so called 'pod', later also correctly identified as "disinfo".)


CGI stands for Computer Generated Image. Television today is ridden with computer imagery. You are viewing this text because you're sitting in front of a computer.

Professional 3D animations have reflections, shadows, materials and movements to compute. The alleged commercial aircrafts from Sep11th had even less than that.
It was a lousy job, not based on any realistic and physical elements.

Flashback: The first "real time effects" for TV concentrated on logos:
S-Geometry was used to create the logos.
S-Animation was also supplied with fonts.

One of the first companies in the 90s, who specialized in that, was "Bitstream Fonts". This was all done years before 9/11.

The 'second aircraft' was smaller than an average-, professional rotating cgi-font size.
It was this:

Can you recognize a "plane"?

The next 9/11-reality tv is already in planning:

Real-Time Acquisition, Transmission

"...Three-dimensional TV is expected to be the next revolution in the history of television..."

"...Humans gain three-dimensional information from a variety of cues. Two of the most important ones are "binocular parallax", scientifically studied by Wheatstone in 1838, and "motion parallax", described by Helmholtz in 1866. Binocular parallax refers to seeing a different image of the same object with each eye, whereas motion parallax refers to seeing different images of an object when moving the head..."

What was possible in 2001:

New algorithms for creating and rendering visual hulls in "real-time" In Proceedings of Eurographics Workshop on Rendering 2001.

(Graphic: Popular Online TV show "WING TV" is using photoshop to create a 'visual effect' for their patriotic listeners, but refers to 'holography' when in reality 'bluescreen 9/11' should be on topic.
Mistake, Misknowledge or 'Controlled Demolition' of the ignored topic?)

TV "live" broadcasts do have generally a standard delay of 4-7 seconds.
For political reasons and censorship, by now in 2006, it's even much longer, up to 10 seconds
There is no evidence, if the "second attack" on Sep11th wasn't even shown immediately after the event (means the audience could add up until 10-20 seconds, including the usual audio delay of interview guests)

Another old school term for "Blue Screen" is "Chroma-Key".
Chroma-Key is a television process only. A more sophisticated television process is Ultimatte; also the name of the company that manufactures Ultimatte equipment. Ultimatte has been the ultimate in video compositing for 20 years.

With an Ultimatte unit it is possible to create composites that include smoke, transparent objects, different shades of blue, hair, smoke, mist, motion blur and shadows.

Innovations like Grain Killer and Screen Correction continue to place any TV rendering company at the leading edge of compositing technology.

But 9/11 TV was even much less than that....

More Sources:
Visual Effects, CGI, live theater, theme parks from Kenneth A. Larson.

Sloppy CGI planes in the style of 9/11:
Cabin Pressure (2001) (TV)

"...we have a laughable CGI plane which crashes with the most unconvincing special effects..."
*This effect was supervised by Jeremy Hoey (6th Day, Andromeda etc..)



Also with a VR-landscape!
You have to watch it twice, to figure that this plane IS NOT REAL!)
It also includes real engine noise, which was missing on "9/11".

Compare again with the 9/11 tv hoax:

Cameron Cruz:
Plane with windows in storm (with and without background):

CG-Tower Plane 'Art' Graphic (1998), pre-Evan Fairbanks style, the "cameraman" who didn't hear any incoming sound (!):

2001 CGI-'plane' landing via armband:

January/February 2001:
"...Imagine being able to land a jumbo jet without ever taking control of the stick. NASA scientists recently demonstrated the ability to control a 757 passenger jet simulation, using only human muscle-nerve signals linked to a computer..."
...A pilot outfitted with an armband implanted with eight electrodes was able to "land" a computer-generated aircraft.
Photo provided by NASA Ames Research Center...
...To demonstrate bioelectric muscle control of the simulated 757 airplane during emergencies, researchers combined this technology with two other NASA developments..."

CGI Plane Database

Complete Computer Generated 3d Visualisation (landscape included) http://www.h4mail.com/

Animation Companies UK- 3D Computer Generated
3d Body Scanning
"...Rapido3d now have the capabilty to capture full body scans in full colour using 4 Inspeck Mega Capturer camera's..."

Pt.4- Scott "Myers" -the biggest TV hoaxer from 9/11 (9/12!)

What did Scott Myers, one of the alleged "cameramen" really present to us?


(Note that the building in frame #12 is not damaged at all. Where is the "impact"?
Furthermore, after breaking other physical laws, once the alleged commercial aircraft made it through the aluminum and steel, did sheetrock and framing materials ripped it to shreds?)

Follow the aristea link...!

Scott Myers "video" from Sep11th


His spelling changed, but it's the same "photographer":
Towers' Strength Not Tested for a Fire, Inquiry Suggests
May 8, 2003 NY TIMES
"...In a vivid illustration of how images of 9/11 have advanced the work, he showed how a sophisticated electronic analysis of videos that were shot by a photographer, Scott Meyers, revealed the structural convulsions of the south tower just after it was hit..."

Here is his indirect NIST link, also mentioning his video footage of Sep11th:
"...National Institutes of Standards and Technology: Desktop Laboratories office and residential loft were near the World Trade Centers; A tripod mounted video beginning shortly after the first impact was provided at no charge to the National Institutes of Safety and Technology (NIST)...
...The video record was used for analysis of building's structural failure.

His old website, which links him as owner of DeskTop Laboratories
Scott Myers DeskTop Laboratories 12 John Street DP12
is also relocated to

His clients:
US Navy, AeroNav Labs

More on Desktop Laboratories
Desktop Laboratories, New York
US Navy: 3D position and metal detection software and hardware for use by the Navy in landmine location and surface integrity studies of ship hulls. The hardware and software for this project made sure a technician scanned a complete area of interest, no missing grid portions, and took measurements of events in each grid to detect for landmines or surface changes. Client: Naval Surface Warfare Center, Bethesda, MD...

He also worked also with/at Port Authority of NY & NJ
(same link above)

Military radar photo: No possible substitute (remote controlled, as claimed by many "9/11 researchers" or more logically, involved in any real time terrorist drill, ever arrived in NYC in time!)

Suddenly he's also a "consultant" at NIST or someone with the same name
Software Development Consultant at NIST
Document Design for Effective Electronic Publication
Scott Meyers, Ph. D.
Please remember this aristeia-link, while continuing reading!!!
June 1999
His photo

Back to his function as Sep11th "camera man", Scott Myers (desktoplab) is working on "3D motion capture, graphing and trial management" since 1996
His pre-9/11 tower-"hit":

Same Myers:
Scott Myers, NIF senior mechanical engineer for Systems Integration on VR
February 2005

older reference:
Thu, 26 Jan 1995 10:39:23 -0500
Reply-To: Scott Myers http://isb.ri.ccf.org/biomch-l/archives/biomch-l-1995-01/00115.html
Scott Myers
DeskTop Laboratories
12 John Street DP12
New York, NY

WIKIPEDIA reference:
Scott Meyers, Ph. D.
"...Scott Meyers is the author of several books on object oriented programming and especially the C++ computer programming language. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Brown University..." wikipedia gives "his website" as

Same or not the same? Once again, a reference to Brown University:

"...Scott Meyers is one of the world's foremost experts on C++ software development.
A programmer since 1972, he holds an M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University and a Ph.D. from Brown University...."

But if go back again to
http://zing.ncsl.nist.gov/hfweb/proceedings/meyers-jones/index.html you will notice the same email:
Scott Meyers, Ph. D.
Software Development Consultant

On September 11th, 2001, teletubbie sheeples finally arrived in the 'matrix'.
They will tell you, that it's "us" who are telling the 'BS'.
Decide for yourself.

This article is dedicated to Rosalee Grable, Gerard Holmgren, Scott Loughrey, Marcus Icke, PerpInq, Dulce Decorum, Ray Ubinger, 911Spooked, Jeff "Plaguepuppy" King and many other oppressed, ignored, harrassed, threatened, sabotaged, plagiarized, banned and belittled 9/11 researchers since 9/11.

(The 9/11 (media-) activism bio of this author (ex-PSEUDO TV, 1999-2001 NYC), who is also known as 9/11 researcher "ewing2001", can be analysed at
The intention of this article is, to express protest, that these facts above are not covered, or ignored by an alleged 9/11 'truth' (activist?) movement.
We should therefore better speak of "9/11 truthlings" until these facts are properly addressed and not sabotaged again, by the typical alleged 'truth speakers' of this 'move'ment.

(Photo: American Idol - U.S. Teletubbies believe, that everything on TV is "real")

For any questions on what happened to the alleged commercial aircrafts, the 'official flights', the 'credibility' of any other alleged witnesses, and most important -the passengers, please check out my older articles at http://inn.globalfreepress.com or hang out at http://www.team8plus.org

Addendum: This author supports since 2001, the evidence on "controlled demolition" of WTC 1,2,7 and since 2005, the evidence footage of Rick Siegel (911eyewitness.com), which proves, that 14-16 U.S. military helicopters had been involved in the orchestrated, controlled demolition of the Twin Towers.

Furthermore, no commercial aircraft crashed into the Pentagon or in Shanksville.

9/11 was an Inside Job, alleged 9/11 truth activist groups are infiltrated by cointel-pro!

"...this could hurt and discredit the movement...america is not ready for the truth..."
(George + Jonathan Soros 'meme', planted into the brain of gatekeeper Kyle "9/11Citizen's Watch" Hence, 2003)

The author (ex-"9/11 science and Justice Alliance" -2002-2006) strongly rejects the double standard, disinformations or calculated blackout on "TV aircraft fakery" of the following 'media'- and 'research entities':
911truth.org, Jim Hoffman, Mark Rabinowitz, questionsquestions.net, WING TV, 9/11 Truth Action, 9/11 Truth Alliance, breakfornews.com, Jim Fetzer ("9/11 Scholars for Truth") and many others...

Contact and hatemail to nicohaupt2@yahoo.com